Island City Stage will be holding auditions for Equity (Special Appearance) and Non-Equity performers for its 2017-2018 season on February 27 from 4:00pm -10:00pm at the theater – 2304 N Dixie Hwy, Wilton Manors. Please email for an appointment. Please prepare a one-minute contemporary monologue (we may request a second one) and, if you wish to sing, a contemporary Broadway up-tempo and ballad.

Cast breakdowns:

HIR by Taylor Mac – rehearses end of October and runs Nov. 9-Dec. 10. Dir. Andy Rogow

  1. ISAAC – Early to mid twenties male, military; the entire play for Isaac is one long attempt at squashing down a major PTSD explosion
  2. MAX – 17 year old. It is highly preferable that this actor be someone who was born biological female that now identifies as transgender or gender queer. Will consider young men who may have feminine qualities or vice-versa.
  3. ARNOLD – father to Isaac and Max, 58 years old. Has had a stroke and is now basically a slower, older Harpo Marx.

ZANNA DON’T – rehearses end of December and Plays Jan. 10-February 18 Dir. Andy Rogow; Music Director – Michael Ursua; Choreographer – Andy Fiacco

All are seniors in high school (as in the movie Grease). Seeking strong singer/actors, all types, who move very well.

  1. ZANNA (tenor/baritone to high G): the heart and soul of Heartsville; a hip fun-loving matchmaker, driven to make the world better, even if he doesn’t always fully think through his choices
  2. STEVE (baritone to E flat above middle C); the new guy in town; All-American high school football hunk, but self-effacing and shy; hoping desperately to fit in, his dreams will alternately be fulfilled and shattered
  3. KATE (belt to C, plus few other higher notes mixed in): sweet, innocent over-achiever who, like Steve, is not quite prepared to have her world thrown upside down
  4. MIKE (tenor/baritone to high G): all-around good guy; captain of the chess team, which makes him the king of the school, but with a humble appreciation of the simple joys in life, like finding that one special guy to settle down with
  5. ROBERTA (belt to high F); tough as nails on the outside, a hopeless romantic on the inside; perennially unlucky in relationships, she heroically, and comically, never gives up her pursuit of true love
  6. TANK (tenor/baritone to high G): Zanna’s sidekick and the school DJ; somewhere between nerdy and ultra-cool, he’s also hopelessly in love with Zanna; doubles as DINER CUSTOMER and TEX
  7. CANDI (belt to C, plus a few other higher notes mixed in): the school’s narrow-minded busy-body, the one you love to hate; doubles as DINER CUSTOMER and LORETTA
  8. ARVIN (baritone to E flat; should have a few low notes as well): Candi’s browbeaten sidekick; a nice guy who just sort of goes with the flow; doubles as DINER CUSTOMER and BRONCO

THE RADICALIZATION OF ROLFE by Andrew Bergh – rehearses in March and plays March 29 – April 29 Dir. Michael Leeds

  1. ROLFE – The Rolfe you know from the Sound of Music- Seventeen going on eighteen. Should look Aryan and be able to sing. He’s a bright young man who gets caught up in events beyond his control
  2. JOHAN – Rolfe’s boyfriend. 18-22 years old. Good looking, athletic, smart, a bit of a rebel.
  3. FRAU SCHMIDT – Von Trapp’s housekeeper, 50ish. Loyal to the Von Trapps, Aunt to Johan and privy to his secrets